Definition of liveliness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic.

    ‘he radiated liveliness and good humour’
    • ‘Ethan became fond of her good nature, her liveliness, and her deep passion for nature.’
    • ‘His style was good and the author's liveliness of spirit survives the rather rigid framework of his subjects.’
    • ‘When I first saw you I was struck by your beauty, your wit, and your liveliness.’
    • ‘Anne had an endearing liveliness and grace that made the demands of society much easier for me.’
    • ‘She is admired wherever she goes for her liveliness and her wit.’
    • ‘Fay sat on the edge of the bed, her pretty face lacking its usual liveliness.’
    • ‘Lizzy's letters managed to convey a warm, friendly personality and a liveliness of spirit that made him smile.’
    • ‘Even when she was ill and tired she could summon up enough strength and liveliness of manner to entertain the few visitors she thought worth receiving.’
    • ‘He had a liveliness of expression that was pleasing.’
    • ‘Her eyes shone with youth and liveliness.’
    • ‘Sam was diagnosed with premature arthritis as a pup and shocked everyone with his liveliness despite his debilitating disease.’
    • ‘Her dark eyes, which usually danced with humor and liveliness, seemed serious and penetrating now.’
    1. 1.1 An atmosphere of excitement and activity.
      ‘the ambience lacked liveliness’
      • ‘There was a sense of liveliness and excitement wherever you went.’
      • ‘Such eclecticism is a mark of the liveliness of culture in the British Isles.’
      • ‘He wants to incorporate the vigour and liveliness of his drawings into his paintings.’
      • ‘"A city's about energy, vibrancy, and liveliness," he says.’
      • ‘We want the letters columns in the paper journal to reflect the liveliness of conversations on the web.’
      • ‘All the liveliness of the evening had been replaced by lonely silence.’
      • ‘His intelligence and exactitude were always in evidence but without detracting from the poems' liveliness and immediacy.’
      • ‘Many young people contrast the liveliness of their social life with the apparent lifelessness of church worship.’
      • ‘The school enjoyed another brief period of intellectual liveliness in the nineteen fifties.’
      • ‘The music has a vigor and liveliness to it.’
      • ‘The work is outstanding for its expressive liveliness.’
      • ‘Given the liveliness of the debate within the party thus far, it was hardly surprising that this discussion was robust.’
      • ‘Endowed with a good ear for contemporary Tamil, she has used Indian English to convey the liveliness of speech in the southern parts of India.’
      • ‘What makes Antigua the hub of Central American tourism is the liveliness of its unique mixture of Mayan Indian and Latino heritage.’