Definition of liveable in English:


(US livable)


  • 1Worth living.

    ‘fatherhood makes life more liveable’
    • ‘In the end what is the good of family without a healthy environment to make life liveable and possible?’
    • ‘When I lived in India, I was appalled at the lack of respect for a livable life we all displayed.’
    • ‘I spoke to a young man recently who had nothing but praise for the service and credited it with making his life liveable again.’
    • ‘This could be a story about madness, or about the illusions we adopt to make life livable, or simply about the deliciousness of doughnuts (which of course have a void in the middle).’
    fit to live in, inhabitable, fit to occupy, in good repair, usable, liveable in, suitable for residential use
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    1. 1.1also liveable in (of an environment or climate) fit to live in.
      ‘one of the most liveable cities in the world’
      • ‘The week-long break will allow builders into the school to repair the blackened classrooms and attempt to make the main school building liveable.’
      • ‘The thatched cottages were usually intolerable slums when the poor inhabited them, and were only made liveable when the rich discovered the charm of a simple rustic habitation as an escape from the industrial urban environment.’
      • ‘This might actually be the right strategy, as it is the urbanites that have been most psychologically affected and found it the most difficult by being out on the streets (even if their houses look liveable, for fear of another quake).’
      • ‘This will reduce the pressure on the old city and lower its infrastructure renewal bill and simultaneously make it more liveable.’
      • ‘People over 60 or disabled people of any age can access the service offering a range of risk-free and affordable loans through the Home Improvement Trust to carry out renovations to make their home more liveable.’
      • ‘I had intended to break out the bright colours and make it liveable before the winter of '02, but it became clear that the vendor didn't actually intend to sell.’
      • ‘The whole house is understated, which reflects the owners, who primarily wanted a house that was liveable for them.’
      • ‘Pulling a much-used library out of a community could start a chain of events toward destroying the intricate social webs which make neighbourhoods liveable.’
      • ‘These sites were liveable only in the summer and were rented out from Victoria Day to Labour Day.’
      • ‘Over the years his style has simplified, he says, boiling down to an essence of Moroccan style and design, which he then makes liveable and comfortable.’
      • ‘But the rehabilitation centres set up for them by the Government are considered hardly liveable.’
      • ‘The house is liveable but we want to change it to suit us and save up.’
      • ‘I have no complaints towards the hostel as it is a clean and liveable place for my son and me and it provides me with everything I need for day-to-day life.’
      • ‘The units themselves will be clean and liveable, but some in attendance wanted to make sure the 21 units won't be so comfortable that people want to stay long-term.’
      • ‘With the kitchen looking somewhat homey and organized Mary Jane moved back into the living room and decided to make it more liveable, by unpacking more boxes, and moving some of them to where they would eventually be unpacked.’
      • ‘At a glance, the house seems relatively liveable, but on closer inspection, the structure is tilted to one side and the floor has completely collapsed.’
      • ‘They straightened up the Mississippi river in places, to make room for houses and liveable acreage.’
      • ‘Millions of us assumed that this burg would remain eminently liveable.’
      • ‘It will be a challenge to transform the site into a liveable and friendly place in a short space of time but I'm impressed with the plans.’
      • ‘I am confident that we have made it safe although the building is nowhere near liveable.’
    2. 1.2liveable withinformal Easy or bearable to live with.