Definition of liveability in English:


(US livability)


  • See liveable

    • ‘There has been no time to relish victory, no time to glory in London the great, its recent blooming in music, museums, art, street life and an unaccustomed, frisky liveability.’
    • ‘These developments - the liveability of life under direct rule - may also explain the political intransigence that is apparent in the population and among politicians.’
    • ‘The offshoot of that is that one of Montreal's essential characteristics - its sheer liveability - has changed, perhaps for good.’
    • ‘Port-of-Spain's security, safety, sanitation and environmental handicaps, then, are likely to make a bigger impact upon economic productivity than on city-dwelling liveability.’
    • ‘They were focused on a certain form of efficiency at the cost of liveability, heritage and sustainability.’