Definition of live rough in English:

live rough


  • Live and sleep outdoors as a consequence of having no proper home.

    ‘hundreds of refugees have been living rough on the streets’
    • ‘I came across people living rough in caravans and junkyards.’
    • ‘He was a drug-addicted down and out living rough.’
    • ‘While homelessness is increasing nationally, Waterford has only a handful of people living rough on the streets, according to a number of charitable agencies.’
    • ‘She says up to 1,000 children are now living rough, sleeping under hedges and bridges and begging to survive, many of them glue sniffing.’
    • ‘The new clinic is being built to aid the 500 homeless children living rough in the city.’
    • ‘A man who was living rough in Swindon has been jailed for eight weeks after a court heard how he threw two computer monitors on the floor at a bail hostel.’
    • ‘Vulnerable people living rough in Lancaster face a waiting list for emergency accommodation.’
    • ‘Afterwards Matthew went to various friends' houses, but I later found out he was living rough for at least a month.’
    • ‘It is now believed that he may be living rough in the South London area.’
    • ‘At the age of 10, he was living rough with his older sister and 9-year-old brother after being abandoned in Sydney by their mother.’