Definition of live in the past in English:

live in the past


  • 1Have old-fashioned or outdated ideas and attitudes.

    ‘we aren't here to cater to fringe elements who insist on living in the past’
    • ‘Those of us who argued from the start that the single currency was misconceived, and that membership would be a disaster, were dismissed by the Prime Minister as xenophobes who were living in the past.’
    • ‘It would be wrong to assume that Christians are all fuddy-duddies living in the past who are completely against embracing the power of advertising.’
    • ‘There was a BBC discussion about Time zones today - with the thread that unless we synchronised with the rest of Europe we were living in the past and that trade and the economy suffered.’
    • ‘He says they are living in the past by what he calls ‘banging on’ about nominal interest rates 13 years ago.’
    • ‘‘I say to those who want to live in the past - you stay in the past, we are moving on,’ said Mr Duncan Smith.’
    • ‘Mrs Barnie continued: ‘I understand the parish council has their own rules, but I think they are living in the past.’’
    • ‘The Scottish Football Association are living in the past and they do not have any concept of equality.’
    • ‘The Minister is still living in the past and as a result we are not gaining the jobs we should have.’
    • ‘Policy-makers will be accused of living in the past and using the wrong instruments to stimulate the Scottish economy.’
    • ‘Those who wish to live in the past and apply outdated labels to all Northern Ireland fans are the real bigots.’
    1. 1.1 Dwell on or reminisce at length about past events.
      ‘why couldn't she stop living in the past and face the mess she was in now?’
      • ‘Later in the book it mentions people's habit of living in the past all the time instead of concentrating on the present and the future.’
      • ‘Sometimes people waste their own time by living in the past.’
      • ‘Many people live in the past, over and over again, and they never catch up with the present.’
      • ‘Yet the greatest obstacles to achieving are a lack of self belief, living in the past and a desire to be perfect.’
      • ‘She needed to stop living in the past and stop wallowing in past sorrows.’