Definition of live for the moment in English:

live for the moment


  • Live or act without worrying about the future.

    ‘Pisceans hate routine and like to live for the moment’
    • ‘She was a lot of fun, popular, and lived for the moment.’
    • ‘I'm constantly trying to teach myself to take each day as it comes and to live for the moment.’
    • ‘They are the carefree ones - the dare-devils who live for the moment and leave the future to look after itself.’
    • ‘In other words, it made some people live for the future and others live for the moment.’
    • ‘I'm just living for the moment, not daring to think about what the future holds.’
    • ‘He lives for the moment, instead of dwelling on what might be, and what has been.’
    • ‘Shouldn't I just live for the moment and make the best of what I do have?’
    • ‘His brother John said: ‘He was just a happy-go-lucky person, who lived for the moment and was everybody's friend.’’
    • ‘So there's something wonderful about an exhibition which urges you to relax and live for the moment.’
    • ‘I have learned to live for the moment from all this and I have learned that nothing is trivial, nothing should be taken for granted.’