Definition of live bait in English:

live bait


mass noun
  • Small living fish or worms used to entice prey.

    • ‘When he did drag it out, it wriggled in his grip like live bait.’
    • ‘Worms, small bluegills, frogs, and crayfish are good live bait.’
    • ‘It begins at the base of a white canvas canopy planted near the track at one of those right-off-the-interstate megamarts where you can buy everything from gas to videotapes to food to, presumably, live bait.’
    • ‘With 2 anglers in the boat and a good full day of fishing we are landing about 100 fish a day on live bait.’
    • ‘While deep sea fishing off Gonubie Point here for live bait, a fisherman unwittingly hooked a copper steenbras which he believes could be a record considering the light tackle he was using.’
    • ‘These factors apply whether you are fishing a live bait or a dead bait, whether you are fishing a paternoster or a bottom fished bait - the principle is exactly the same.’
    • ‘All the instructors agreed: For inshore and offshore, live bait is best.’
    • ‘Fishing with live bait is maybe a touch more exciting though.’
    • ‘Although live bait is preferred, dead ribbonfish, also called silver eels, will make any mackerel lick his lips, but they're rigged dead for a reason.’
    • ‘‘Try live bait,’ he suggested, hastily trying to atone for his error.’
    • ‘You do know that you're only alive now because fish much prefer taking live bait.’
    • ‘A small whiting, dab, joey mackerel or launce sandeel fished as a live bait hard on the seabed will get huss queuing up for a chance to dine.’
    • ‘What is it about a fish that will take a free swimming live bait, plugs, fly, spinners, float fished baits or a substantial fish, crab or squid bait legered hard on the bottom.’
    • ‘Most of the boats were catching their live slimy mackerel at the old oil tanker anchoring spots, which means you can get your live bait just a few hundred metres offshore.’
    • ‘Need to charge your cell phone or pick up some live bait?’
    • ‘And so it was that, next morning, we feathered out some live bait fast, then set two of them to drift, one close to the bottom, the other five fathoms off it, both on balloon rigs.’
    • ‘Where water is especially unclouded and fish are heavily pressured, even live bait may not be enough unless it's hung from a small hook and tied to a long, nearly invisible leader.’
    • ‘In the 1930s, anglers introduced normative fish into the headwaters of the Mojave River when they used arroyo chub for live bait.’
    • ‘From the days fishing it looks like the pike are into a feeding frenzy and are showing a preference for live bait as the big ones took the hooked pike, but tended to drop the lamprey sections.’
    • ‘I have used a kite when sharking for as long as I can remember as a means to offer an additional dead or live bait on the down-wind side of the boat.’