Definition of live and breathe something in English:

live and breathe something


  • Devote a great deal of one's time to a particular subject or activity.

    ‘they live and breathe Italy and all things Italian’
    • ‘When you're in this business you live and breathe it.’
    • ‘I lived and breathed gymnastics throughout my childhood and only stopped training in my twenties.’
    • ‘He lived and breathed mathematics and philosophy.’
    • ‘This is a woman who has lived and breathed politics since her teens.’
    • ‘He admits to being a man who lives and breathes his job.’
    • ‘You can see he lives and breathes the sport.’
    • ‘If you want to work in the music industry, you have to live and breathe music.’
    • ‘When you live and breathe your product, it's hard to realize that customers aren't as passionate about it as you are.’
    • ‘He lives and breathes pantomime and every year puts heart and soul into his productions.’
    • ‘He lives and breathes wine, tasting the products of his competitors and those from other countries.’