Definition of little ones in English:

little ones

plural noun

  • Young children.

    ‘she was always so patient, and so kind to the little ones’
    • ‘I have seen little ones of this age out in the dark and on their own.’
    • ‘At first glance Jackson Hole might not seem the most likely place to introduce your precious little ones to downhill.’
    • ‘It's pure animal magic for the little ones… and an easy outing for the adults.’
    • ‘Personally, I would tell the little ones that Father Christmas is too busy to see them.’
    • ‘However, it was kids, little ones at that, brought in by their parents who made most of the purchase.’
    • ‘You wouldn't consider leaving your little ones at a nursery where the staff weren't qualified.’
    • ‘The cellars of the store have been transformed to house all sorts of goodies for the little ones.’
    • ‘He often comes home late and wakes up the little ones because he wants to spend time with them.’
    • ‘There are playpens set up around the bio-dome for the younger little ones, but the toddlers are free to roam as much as the older ones.’
    • ‘Hey, I kept saying to other chums preparing their little ones for their big day at big school, what's the rush?’
    • ‘We have since had a letter urging us to bring in supplies of power bars and water for the little ones should they be locked in school for days on end.’
    • ‘Never mind, anyone who wants to make a profit from education is obviously evil and best kept far from our little ones.’
    • ‘Papa always said that he would rather starve than steal, but what father can look on while his little ones shiver?’
    • ‘It's lovely to see the older children mixing with the little ones.’
    • ‘A free family event, the Great Art Adventure, was about to start, but we decided our little ones were too young.’
    • ‘On our arrival, anxious parents start gathering up their little ones and beating a retreat.’
    • ‘So I got out my slightly bigger umbrella for me, and two other little ones for the kids for the school run.’
    • ‘I'd suggest we get T-shirts, but the little ones would only be sick over them and obscure the cool logos.’
    • ‘He has created lots of fun for the little ones and families too among the stately acres that were once dominated by impressive gardens.’
    • ‘Leaving little ones alone in a car while you go off for hours is clearly appalling.’
    offspring, progeny, family, children, issue, youngsters, babies
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