Definition of little lunch in English:

little lunch


  • 1A mid-morning break at school, during which children have light refreshments.

    ‘the school bell had gone and little lunch was over’
    • ‘At little lunch on Monday there were swarms of boys around Daphne Drysdale.’
    • ‘You took them out of your pocket at little lunch and put them on the bench while you ate. Don't you remember?’
    • ‘There were no grassed areas for kids to play on during little lunch.’
    • ‘As if little lunch with its playground politics isn't distressing enough without having to assuage parental guilt with the excess consumption of boxed up food.’
    • ‘At little lunch and lunch time he stuck with his friends and got them to discuss some of the game rules.’
    • ‘After little lunch it was noticed that a 5 year old hadn't returned to class.’
    • ‘I played sport in the mornings before school, during little lunch and big lunch, and couldn't wait for Friday afternoons when we were bussed to Salter Oval to play Rugby League or cricket.’
    • ‘Question time in the House of Representatives regularly reminds visitors in the public gallery of a primary school classroom after a little lunch binge of red cordial.’
    • ‘The next day at school, Sarah sat with Emma at little lunch.’
    • ‘You ducked out of school yesterday during little lunch and no one's cottoned on.’
    1. 1.1 A snack eaten during the mid-morning break at school.
      ‘he'd said nothing all morning to anyone and sat on his own eating his little lunch’
      • ‘We ate little lunch and then we went into the Art Gallery.’
      • ‘Sometimes there's a refrigerator where they keep their little lunches.’
      • ‘Each morning for little lunch we were given bottles of chilled, flavoured milk.’
      • ‘Make sure that it is clear which packet is for little lunch and which is for big lunch.’
      • ‘A childcare centre supplies two biscuits for each child for little lunch.’