Definition of little grebe in English:

little grebe


  • A small, dumpy Old World grebe with a short neck and bill and a trilling call.

    Genus Tachybaptus, family Podicipedidae: three species, in particular the widespread T. ruficollis (also called dabchick)

    • ‘Smallest of the grebes, the little grebe, or dabchick, is considerably rounder and more dumpy than its congeners.’
    • ‘There was a group of about 20 little grebes congregated on one end of the pond.’
    • ‘Bird species to be seen include ringed plover, oystercatcher, redshank and little grebe.’
    • ‘My visit to the Laundry pond yielded only a few birds, a single little egret, a coot, a pair of little grebes, several ferruginous ducks and a small flock of mallards.’
    • ‘John also reared and released 12 starlings, 11 house martins, eight blackbirds, three bluetits, three hedge sparrows, one greenfinch, one little grebe, five collared doves, 16 pigeons, one seagull, three swifts and a ferret.’