Definition of literality in English:



  • See literal

    • ‘Therefore, in Rembrandt's reasoning, a gardener was required and he, in his humble literality, painted Jesus as a gardener, with a spade in hand and a pruning knife in his belt.’
    • ‘For the time being, that literality faces a major scientific challenge.’
    • ‘The fundamental theorem of calculus becomes almost obvious once the nonstandard terminology is invoked and interpreted in its full literality.’
    • ‘Close-cropping and the primacy of grisaille - composed of complex black, luminous gray and iridescent white - keep the paintings away from the literality of seascape and any hint of tonal lyricism.’
    • ‘In so doing, he invents another type of representation which robs, disembodies, and finally perhaps brings the body back to its literality.’