Definition of litas in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Lithuania, equal to 100 centas (replaced by the euro in 2015).

    • ‘He estimates that the tab for restitution of privately owned property could come to 5 billion litas, or $1.4 billion - about half of the country's annual budget.’
    • ‘The opening night at the casino on March 1 proved popular although nobody bagged the maximum potential payout of 1.2 million litas.’
    • ‘Doctors' pretax starting salary of 800 litas a month is less than double the 450 litas minimum wage.’
    • ‘From 1994 the Lithuanians pegged the litas to the US dollar.’
    • ‘As we motor through the European Union in future, we will be able to change our euros into Latvian lats and Lithuanian litas.’