Definition of listless in English:



  • (of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm:

    ‘bouts of listless depression’
    • ‘A full stomach draws blood to the belly and away from the brain, leaving you listless and dull.’
    • ‘When we lose touch with our authentic desire, we become listless and apathetic.’
    • ‘On Sunday, they were listless throughout and the two goal winning margin is a flattering one from their perspective.’
    • ‘Pride, as they say, is all that is left to play for, but even that appears in short supply in two listless, morale-free, rugby nations.’
    • ‘Some of the prose seems, dare I say it, listless, almost bored.’
    • ‘This is not a good show for a listless Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘You may feel tired and listless physically and need to balance your diet, manage stress and take care of health problems.’
    • ‘After seemingly endless weeks of constant commotion, they appear listless and lethargic.’
    • ‘My suspicions were confirmed on tasting the dish - the sauce turned out to be a drab and listless affair, making the chewy meat even more of a misery to eat.’
    • ‘The change was dramatic: he became listless and unresponsive.’
    • ‘The tigers paced desperately and the gorillas and chimps seemed listless and apathetic.’
    • ‘He seemed listless and uninterested at times last year - and ineffective at others.’
    • ‘I could smell the electricity hanging in the listless air.’
    • ‘She was listless, helpless, but not suicidal, and used cocaine sporadically.’
    • ‘I was listless, too sick and weak to say much of anything to defend myself.’
    • ‘The streets are so listless and dull that every time I walk down one I can't help feeling they want me to be sad too.’
    • ‘He brought an extra life to the character who stands listless before a deluge of tragedies as his children die in succession.’
    • ‘He had been listless, short of stamina and unable to make his mark on the match, all of which is more troubling than his miss in the penalty shoot-out.’
    • ‘The tempo never varies from a listless crawl; the vocals, rhythms and arrangements all struggle to stay in the background.’
    • ‘Her friend seemed so apathetic and listless she wanted to shake her.’
    lethargic, enervated, lackadaisical, spiritless, unenergetic, lifeless, vigourless, lacking energy, limp, effete
    languid, languorous, languishing, inactive, inert, sluggish, torpid, supine, half-hearted, lukewarm, indifferent, uninterested, impassive
    indolent, idle, apathetic, shiftless, slothful
    passive, dull, heavy
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Middle English: from list + -less.