Definition of listeriosis in English:



mass noun
  • Disease caused by infection with listeria, which can resemble influenza or meningitis and may cause miscarriage.

    • ‘Other causes of encephalitis include influenza, listeriosis, brucellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, whooping cough, rabies and lead poisoning.’
    • ‘The actual mechanism of infection and disease presentation in late-onset listeriosis is not yet fully understood.’
    • ‘Symptoms of listeriosis can include a flu-like illness with fever, muscle aches and chills and sometimes nausea and diarrhea.’
    • ‘When a pregnant woman is infected with listeriosis, she may have a miscarriage, premature delivery or stillbirth, or her newborn baby may become seriously ill and may die.’
    • ‘Being careful with food and water is particularly important during pregnancy because infections such as listeriosis can cause miscarriage, and hepatitis E can result in maternal mortality.’