Definition of listed in English:



  • 1(of a building in the UK) officially designated as being of architectural or historical importance and having protection from demolition or major alterations.

    ‘a 15th-century Grade I listed building’
    • ‘The project has encountered some objections prompted by concerns that the extension and alterations will ruin the listed building's image.’
    • ‘It is a good idea to consult an architect who specialises in listed buildings.’
    • ‘One wonders whether the Secretary of State would have shown a bit more interest were the listed building to be demolished a Georgian house or Victorian town hall rather than a twentieth century factory.’
    • ‘The Martello Tower is a listed building and more than 200 years old.’
    • ‘This is a very important listed building which is now in need of major repair work.’
    • ‘He concluded that the proposal would fail to preserve either the architectural or historic interest of the listed building and would therefore conflict with policy.’
    • ‘Objectors feared that traffic would be increased in Bootham and the character of the listed hospital building would be compromised.’
    • ‘The plan is intended to release land at the front of the Grade l listed station building, effectively paving the way for the renovation of the frontage.’
    • ‘It contains many important buildings considered to be of special merit including Ryde House, a listed building of special architectural and historic interest.’
    • ‘The house at 549 Lordship Lane, now an important listed building, is in a derelict state.’
    • ‘The owner of a historic fairground ride began to demolish it yesterday after its protection as a listed building was lifted.’
    • ‘‘We will get passed them because it is a listed building and of historic and architectural worth for Scotland,’ said a spokeswoman.’
    • ‘Plans to demolish the listed building, which were submitted by the church itself, prompted a petition and 70 letters of objection.’
    • ‘With another tranche of listed buildings potentially being demolished at Gatwick, the severe impact of any proposals to extend airports in the South East has been underlined.’
    • ‘There are around 200 listed church buildings in the Manchester area.’
    • ‘Built in 1959, in the International Style, it has become the focal hub of the Province's trade union movement, and one of Northern Ireland's youngest listed buildings.’
    • ‘Not all historic structures are given listed building protection.’
    • ‘It was not until the Town and Country Planning Act of 1968 forced owners to seek permission to demolish listed buildings that the wave of demolitions finally came to an end.’
    • ‘A day nursery in Wimbledon is set to expand after being given permission to convert a listed office building to house more children and its teacher training school.’
    • ‘The project includes building six new residential care homes, converting the listed hospital buildings and adding a hydrotherapy pool.’
  • 2Relating to or denoting companies whose shares are quoted on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

    ‘listed securities’
    • ‘But the ones of particular interest in the New Zealand market are equity warrants, linked to the shares of a listed company.’
    • ‘About two third of the shares of listed companies is held by government departments.’
    • ‘The warrants can be purchased through Irish stockbrokers and are traded as listed securities on the Irish Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘Firstly, the company is about as understandable as it gets, with its proprietary database of listed companies underpinning the share research of many a market punter.’
    • ‘This is as a result of low demand for shares on the stock market thereby failing to influence the share prices of the listed and quoted companies on the stock market.’
    • ‘Instead, every buyer and seller offers a price to buy or sell listed shares.’
    • ‘It is the view of the officials that anyone who buys shares in the listed companies takes the risk that would be associated with buying and selling stock.’
    • ‘The companies are set to be merged before floating on the stock market and the merger will create the largest listed media group in Germany.’
    • ‘Banks hold only 1 percent of the publicly listed shares.’
    • ‘The combined value of all the shares in a listed company.’
    • ‘The suspension will not affect the sale of shares by companies already listed.’
    • ‘Were any of the profits derived from other than the sale of listed shares?’
    • ‘But the government's massive purchase of listed shares will affect investor confidence.’
    • ‘The equity market's performance was high largely on account of share gains in four of the listed companies on the stock exchange.’
    • ‘According to the capital market law, listed companies are not allowed to undertake mergers that could lead to monopolies.’
    • ‘He said the stock markets also provide listed companies with a platform to raise long term capital and that it also offered investors alternative investment.’
    • ‘The value of the listed shares has also exceeded 400 trillion won in four years and seven months since the 300 trillion won mark was broken in August 1999.’
    • ‘This gives the firm the responsibility of maintaining positions in a particular listed stock to enhance market liquidity for that stock.’
    • ‘Making profits for shareholders ought to be the main objective for a listed company and, as such, investors tend to pay most attention to reported profits.’
    • ‘The Zambian stock exchange has 11 listed companies with a market capitalisation of US $231 million.’