Definition of liquid lunch in English:

liquid lunch


  • A drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal.

    ‘they all reeled back from a liquid lunch’
    • ‘Her suggestion that she buy me lunch brought the cold chill of performance anxiety to my brow, because all those who have been married for more than a score of years know what is expected after a liquid lunch in the sunshine.’
    • ‘At that time of day the bar was busy serving liquid lunches.’
    • ‘When you have finished your liquid lunch, leave a modest tip and provide the restaurant with a brief evaluation of your taste test on the napkin provided.’
    • ‘On the other hand, for all those who have to report for work and suffer from far too many liquid lunches, limp watercress sandwiches, and lightweight daydreams, consider celebrating ‘Men from Mars Day’.’
    • ‘Even more worrying is that a third of respondents claimed to enjoy a liquid lunch three times a week with 76 per cent feeling slightly drunk when returning to work.’
    • ‘Here many of the private cruisers dock for long liquid lunches at beachfront restaurants, after a spot of snorkeling at White Bay.’
    • ‘The idea of a liquid lunch is sounding very good.’
    • ‘If you think summer is the season to be tipsy - a time for liquid lunches and early evening pub-crawls - think again.’
    • ‘But it wasn't a stupid grammatical error by some time-pushed hack late for a liquid lunch with a Masonic police commissioner.’
    • ‘But be sure they are reliable - in one incident a representative turned up to an auction after a liquid lunch, only to bid way in excess of the client's instructions.’
    • ‘But what some attendees remember best is not so much the generous hospitality as the rousing speeches which Kerr would deliver to his executive fan club after a long, liquid lunch.’
    • ‘It's one of my regrets that I've never managed to join the liquid lunch crowd who can be seen staggering out of city bars in their black or navy suits around three o'clock each afternoon.’
    • ‘Long liquid lunches, so important a part of French life, are coming to an end.’
    • ‘His speech was a little slurred, indicating a full liquid lunch.’
    • ‘A liquid lunch, say the experts, is not the best way to ensure a productive afternoon at work.’
    drinking bout, binge
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