Definition of liquid crystal display in English:

liquid crystal display

(also LCD)


  • A form of visual display used in electronic devices, in which a layer of a liquid crystal is sandwiched between two transparent electrodes.

    • ‘Part of the reason for this surge: a 50% slide in the price of high-end liquid crystal displays over the past year.’
    • ‘If you can, use a laptop computer; these have a liquid crystal display screen, which operates on weaker and safer voltage than desktop monitors.’
    • ‘Until now, the best resolution available commercially in electronic displays has been about 150 dpi in high-end liquid crystal display computer monitors.’
    • ‘The result is an artificial world, including mountains and obstacles, on active-matrix liquid crystal displays.’
    • ‘The gadget then selects the corresponding expression from some 200 stored words and either displays them on a liquid crystal display or ‘speaks’ them to the pet's owner.’
    • ‘Notebook computers, liquid crystal displays, mother boards, monitors and recordable compact disks all take over 50 percent of the global market share.’
    • ‘But flat-panel LCD, or liquid crystal displays, win the aesthetics battle by a long shot.’
    • ‘The liquid crystal display displays a symbol that represents the determined notification level.’
    • ‘Therefore, the size of a liquid crystal display device in a widthwise direction thereof can be reduced.’
    • ‘Strong growth is also expected in the liquid crystal display driver market and in application-specific devices for consumer electronics.’
    • ‘These compact wall-mounted appliances utilize a microcomputer, a liquid crystal display, and a small keypad for programming.’
    • ‘The Internet, handheld computers, liquid crystal displays and enhanced font rendering are the technological basis for the development of e-books.’
    • ‘Sales of liquid crystal displays used in handsets jumped 180 per cent compared with a year ago.’
    • ‘The controller also includes a user interface having an operator keypad and a liquid crystal display.’
    • ‘The cockpit is equipped with multifunction liquid crystal displays and electronic flight instruments.’
    • ‘Those marketing plasma television claim that their state-of-the-art products have better ‘colour purity’ and higher contrast ratio when compared to liquid crystal displays.’
    • ‘But many laptop computers have liquid crystal displays (LCDs).’
    • ‘The company aims to raise annual production of thin film transistor liquid crystal displays to 1.5 million this year from 500,000 last year.’
    • ‘The thin film transistors are useful in active matrix liquid crystal displays where the plastic substrates are transparent in the visible spectrum.’
    • ‘One possible application: backlighting liquid crystal displays, such as computer screens.’


liquid crystal display