Definition of liquid crystal in English:

liquid crystal


  • A substance which flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules.

    • ‘Conventional liquid crystals flow at room temperature, and the rod-like molecules stand at attention when an electric field is applied, giving manufacturers a way to control how light moves through them.’
    • ‘A scanning tunneling microscope image shows liquid crystal molecules aligned on a sheet of graphite.’
    • ‘There was power building up in the liquid crystal core just as it should, but they would still have to see if they could get any thrust from it.’
    • ‘Depending on temperature or the presence of an electric potential difference, molecules in a liquid crystal can either be randomly, partially, or completely aligned.’
    • ‘When the researchers expose the sensor to an aqueous stream containing a protein that binds to lipids, the liquid crystal molecules respond within seconds by switching to a planar orientation.’
    • ‘In liquid crystals, the degree of order is intermediate between these extremes.’
    • ‘Both the liquid crystals and the fluorescent polymer align normal to the cell when the power is on.’
    • ‘But liquid crystals are made of cigar-shaped molecules that can line up into a preferred orientation.’
    • ‘This is where liquid crystals have an important part to play.’
    • ‘In a second embodiment the liquid crystal material is micro-encapsulated with an orientable dye.’
    • ‘First, they paint a film of liquid crystal onto a glass plate along with two other chemicals that form polymers when exposed to ultraviolet light.’
    • ‘The researchers added a small amount of a light-sensitive monomer to the liquid crystal in a conventional electro-optic cell.’
    • ‘The electrodes are shaped and positioned to produce an electric field across the cavity capable of rotating the alignment direction of the molecules of the liquid crystal material in the cavity.’
    • ‘So an LCD display consists of a backlight which shines light through a panel which contains a very thin film of liquid crystals sandwiched between two very fine wire meshes.’
    • ‘Nucleosome core particles are represented by oblate ellipsoids; their interaction potential has been parameterized by a comparison with data from liquid crystals of nucleosome solutions.’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to see how liquid crystals react to light and heat and the York chemists use slime to demonstrate how branched molecules can make gels.’
    • ‘Typically, the molecular orientation of liquid crystals is spatially complex and sensitive to external fields and molecular interactions.’
    • ‘Many liquid crystals are simple polymeric organic compounds.’
    • ‘Behind them, the once-silvery wall materialized into a liquid crystal screen, with a wide variety of colors swirling inside.’
    • ‘But lipid bilayers are neither rigid nor thin sheets of liquid hydrocarbon; they are elastic liquid crystals with well-defined material properties.’