Definition of liquefaction in English:



  • See liquefy

    • ‘In the process of liquefaction, solid coal is converted to a petroleum-like liquid that can be used as a fuel for motor vehicles and other applications.’
    • ‘Common examples are the sublimation of ice under a vacuum during freeze drying, or the liquefaction of sulphur under high pressure.’
    • ‘The greatest demand for coal will be for electricity generation, but coal will continue to feature in conversion processes such as gasification, liquefaction, and pyrolysis, and in the production of metallurgical coke.’
    • ‘A great deal of research has been done on the liquefaction of coal but with little success so far.’
    • ‘The aim of direct coal liquefaction is to break coal down into smaller component molecules, then to add hydrogen, creating lighter and more stable oil molecules.’