Definition of lipstick lesbian in English:

lipstick lesbian


  • A lesbian who favours a glamorous, traditionally feminine style.

    • ‘To complicate things further, many lesbians argue that there are even important differences between lipstick lesbians and femme lesbians.’
    • ‘We consider ourselves lipstick lesbians, but put us next to an L.A. street girl and we're not that glittery.’
    • ‘The only lesbians that you see are 20 year old lipstick lesbians.’
    • ‘I was once told that I have the small, soft and understanding hands of a lipstick lesbian.’
    • ‘If she cannot see her way clear to being a lipstick lesbian for a few hours, invite her to have a tuxedo made in the same color as the dresses.’
    • ‘This edition has three glamourous lipstick lesbians taking over the Townsend Agency, castrating Charlie and becoming their own bosses.’
    • ‘Also, it was too cool to have lipstick lesbians doing magic spells together!’
    • ‘There are mothers of leather boys, gymbots, lipstick lesbians, drag queens, meekly bespectacled cost accountants - you name it.’
    • ‘Personally, I am an almost compulsive wearer of lipstick, but if you call me a lipstick lesbian, I might have to punch you.’
    • ‘Together, they are seen as lipstick lesbians, but Megan causes trouble when she thinks she really might like boys.’
    • ‘By that standard, lesbians are seeing ourselves on TV, even though most of us are not cops or glamorous West Hollywood lipstick lesbians.’
    • ‘I wouldn't plan to stay too long though: somehow I foresee a plethora of lipstick lesbians.’