Definition of lipopolysaccharide in English:



  • A complex molecule containing both lipid and polysaccharide parts.

    • ‘It fools our immune system by changing the structure of the lipopolysaccharides and it totally changes the antigens on the cell surface.’
    • ‘Other microbial products and components, such as peptides, enzymes, [beta] D-glucans, and lipopolysaccharides, may have significant biological effects.’
    • ‘Even in the case of microbial antigens not found in vertebrates such as lipopolysaccharides, it should be noted that peptide epitopes can mimic bacterial carbohydrates and DNA.’
    • ‘This ability, as well as the adhesion to mineral surfaces, has been reported to be mediated by the presence of lipopolysaccharides, the main constituent of the outer bacterial membrane.’
    • ‘The lipopolysaccharide found in tea can improve the body's blood making function and combat the danger of radiation from the computer.’