Definition of lipectomy in English:



  • Any surgical procedure carried out to remove unwanted body fat, usually by suction.

    • ‘Liposuction-assisted lipectomy, usually performed by a subspecialist, can be successful in removing even large lipomas with minimal scarring.’
    • ‘Many of these patients will also need procedures on the arms, inner thighs, breasts, and back in addition to the belt lipectomy.’
    • ‘Belt lipectomy ordinarily would not need to be repeated unless the patient had some very significant change in their weight following the procedure.’
    • ‘However, even the surgical approach can be challenging, and may require tracheostomy with cervical lipectomy to overcome the technical barriers.’
    • ‘Suction lipectomy is a form of plastic surgery in which an attempt is made to improve the contours of the body by removing fat through suction.’


1990s: from lipo- + -ectomy.