Definition of lioness in English:



  • A female lion.

    • ‘Lions and lionesses play dramatically dissimilar roles.’
    • ‘An average social group of lions consists of about three lions, four or five lionesses and cubs.’
    • ‘The lioness has been put on medication to increases its blood circulation and will also be made to undergo a one-hour exercise regime every day.’
    • ‘A pride of lionesses and their cubs appeared out of the bush, heading for the small pool that Glen and his wife Cindy had built the preceding year.’
    • ‘All the lions and lionesses here are of a hybrid stock and thus are prone to producing defective offspring, it is pointed out.’
    • ‘Her face resembled a house cat and a lioness at the same time, with a strong muzzle but kind eyes and delicate ears.’
    • ‘The lone male first, then the lionesses, followed the the cubs.’
    • ‘The Tirupati zoo has six panthers, four lionesses, three tigers and also two white tigers for public viewing.’
    • ‘Behind the bidders, above their heads, we can see a frieze of decorated tiles, its design of two lions after the same lioness humorously echoing the action below.’
    • ‘What followed was a bloody battle, where both the panther and the lioness struck blows and were struck.’
    • ‘We even parked under a tree in which a young lioness was lying along a branch - a rare sight, according to our guide, as lionesses (unlike leopards) stop climbing trees when they reach four or five years old.’
    • ‘We crawled away, leaving the lioness unaware she'd been spied upon.’
    • ‘The circus had caged its ageing lionesses in appalling conditions: broken by nearly two decades of mistreatment and malnutrition, they were found to be suffering from internal bleeding, tooth decay and blindness.’
    • ‘We pulled up within 10-feet of three lionesses and their cubs most blissfully napping.’
    • ‘Most of them resemble cats, lionesses or lions; others are not obviously derived from any specific animal.’
    • ‘It was now being fed by a female dog because the lioness lacked the experience to raise cubs.’
    • ‘There was a pride of four lions - a lioness and her near-adult cubs - resting and ready to hunt when night fell.’
    • ‘The lionesses kill the prey but the male eats the lion's share.’
    • ‘A lone cheetah, a lone tiger and an African lion and a couple of lionesses are no more exciting than small herds of kangaroo, deer, giraffe or Barbary sheep.’
    • ‘And these two lionesses that we particularly focused on were absolutely wonderful.’