Definition of lion tamarin in English:

lion tamarin


  • A rare tamarin with a golden or black and golden coat and an erect mane, found only in Brazil.

    Genus Leontopithecus, family Callitrichidae (or Callithricidae): the golden lion tamarin (L. rosalia), and three other species that have been recently recognized or discovered

    • ‘An endangered monkey, the golden-headed lion tamarin, had already been spotted in the same habitat.’
    • ‘Many of the species, such as the black-faced lion tamarin of Brazil, were only recently discovered and have dangerously small populations.’
    • ‘The golden lion tamarin and the black lion tamarin, for example, have benefited from efforts for their protection by the Brazilian government.’
    • ‘The exhibit will highlight the jaguar but also will feature golden lion tamarins, tapirs, anteaters and other animals.’
    • ‘To photograph the black-faced lion tamarin, one of the world's rarest and most elusive primates, I went to the Atlantic coast rainforest of Parana State in southern Brazil.’