Definition of lion dance in English:

lion dance


  • A traditional Chinese dance in which the dancers are masked and costumed to resemble lions.

    • ‘The main events are of course the boat races, but there will also be market and food stalls, traditional Chinese dragon and lion dances, martial arts and, for a South African flavour, even gumboot dancing.’
    • ‘Plans for this year include the magnificent 7-headed dragon dance, lion dances and acrobatics as part of the region's traditional celebrations.’
    • ‘It is believed that the lion dance will bring good luck to households and businesses they visit.’
    • ‘Special events include fortune telling, martial arts, lion dance, a street market and more.’
    • ‘The lion dance combines art, history and Kung Fu moves.’
    • ‘In absence of traditional lion costumes, they are performing the lion dance by holding their briefcases over their heads.’
    • ‘That's a North American thing, but we're giving away champagne at the party as well as having the lion dance.’
    • ‘Hu is also expected to attend some of the cultural activities, which include dragon and lion dances, red-fan performances, Peking Opera and martial arts.’
    • ‘In London, San Francisco, New York - indeed wherever there's a Chinatown - you can be sure of snappy firecrackers and swirling lion dances to chase away the evil spirits.’
    • ‘The lion dance will feature the Central Ontario Chinese Cultural Centre.’
    • ‘Some people will be familiar with the lion dance, the foot juggling woman on a unicycle and the pole acrobats.’
    • ‘Besides sampling specialities like beef choi sum and sha cha chicken, guests were also treated to a colourful lion dance.’
    • ‘The hall is a venue where Chinese-Indonesians practice barongsai, or the lion dance, their ancestral cultural legacy they cultivate in Indonesia.’
    • ‘Over 100 members of the troupe performed in Sriracha with shows including dragon dance, lion dance, a bicycle show, and fire dragon.’
    • ‘Representing cultures throughout Asia, the museum also offers events from traditional Chinese lion dances to Mongolian butter sculpting.’
    • ‘Pupils who attend the after-school dance club are busy developing their ideas for a Chinese lion dance performance and children in Years 3 and 4 are designing menus for an eastern-style buffet.’
    • ‘The events are highlighted with dragon dances or lion dances, which used to be seen here only on television or in the movies.’
    • ‘Folk dance traditions are strong among Taiwanese, the lion dance and the dragon dance being the most typical.’
    • ‘In that way, along with the lion dances and festive food that characterize the Spring Festival, people find time on the following Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Festival not only for a spree but also for a little romance.’
    • ‘It started well, with a traditional lion dance, and we're seeing more and more social interaction between the two groups, particularly on the sporting field.’