Definition of linseed oil in English:

linseed oil


mass noun
  • A pale yellow oil extracted from linseed, used especially in paint and varnish.

    • ‘The night she painted her now infamous Diana painting, the air was thick with the smell of turps, linseed oil and paint.’
    • ‘He then overpaints those scratchings and doodles with aluminum pigment mixed with linseed oil, black paint and beeswax, frequently leaving much of the raw canvas untouched or exposed.’
    • ‘The group has also made hard plastics from tung oil and linseed oil.’
    • ‘An oil room had a collection of various lubricants, including linseed oil, whale oil, lard, molasses, tallow, and grease.’
    • ‘To relieve tight and spasmed muscles due to sporting activities, massage well with a mixture of equal parts of rosemary essential oil and linseed oil.’
    • ‘He mixed the paints with linseed oil, making them translucent and dilute.’
    • ‘The linseed oil from the paint has leached onto the surrounding paper, creating a greasy aureole.’
    • ‘I watched my grandfather mix paint from linseed oil and pigment.’
    • ‘Oil paints are made up of a suspension of pigments in an oil such as linseed oil that dries.’
    • ‘Her eyes challenged me, potent, like a peregrine falcon's, but the beguiling scent of turps and linseed oil drew me to her canvas.’
    • ‘Re-oil yearly with boiled linseed oil, tung oil, or a product recommended by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘This volume belongs in a separate category because it is explicitly addressed to painters and anyone who wonders what it is like to be a painter who loves the colors and textures of oil paint and linseed oil.’
    • ‘Remove tarnish with a commercial pewter polish or a paste made of rotten-stone and boiled linseed oil or olive oil.’
    • ‘However, deeper layers of paint were protected from light-induced degradation, as evidenced by the survival of double bonds in linseed oil.’
    • ‘Following the directions on the label for cleaning; or use a solution of equal parts of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits.’
    • ‘Light cigarette burns which have not penetrated the finish may be removed with a thin paste of rotten-stone, soda or cigarette ashes mixed with mineral oil or linseed oil.’
    • ‘There she was, creating magic on the canvas by mixing oil paints with linseed oil.’
    • ‘Although boiled linseed oil will work, mineral oil is preferred because it will not turn rancid.’
    • ‘Glazes are made of oil-based paints mixed with linseed oil and are more transparent than washes.’
    • ‘Brush linseed oil or a fast-drying paint primer on any bare wood exposed in the process.’


linseed oil

/lɪnsiːd ˈɔɪl/