Definition of linoleate in English:



  • A salt or ester of linoleic acid.

    • ‘The polyunsaturated fatty acid linoleate was incorporated into fat stores until the proportion in adipose tissue exceeded that in the diet.’
    • ‘However, the fatty-acid composition of migratory Western Sandpipers differs somewhat from that of migratory passerines in that sandpipers have much lower levels of the essential fatty acids linoleate and linolenate.’
    • ‘The contribution reflects the compensation of the negative charges of the linoleate by the positive ions and by the changed orientational behavior of the headgroup dipole.’
    • ‘They would thus be able to promote the negative surface charge originally caused by the linoleate molecules.’
    • ‘The main fatty acids labelled were palmitate, oleate, linoleate, and linolenate.’