Definition of linking in English:



  • 1Connecting or joining something to something else.

    • ‘Analyzing Web sites' home pages provides a sense of how organizations would have themselves perceived by visitors, but cannot capture the full range of linking behavior.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, your Honour, there is the linking factor here - and I do not want to appear argumentative on the matter but there is the linking factor of where the power arises to make orders.’
    • ‘In the case of feeding without rotation, we restrict both ends from rotating, thus any writhe produced results in an equal and opposite amount of twist to maintain the linking number.’
    • ‘Benjamin does overreach with some of these connections, though, as in the case of linking shopping malls with the concept of space colonies.’
    • ‘Rather than eliminate much of the linking narrative, and many of the descriptive passages, it divided them up, sharing them between actors who were required to move in and out of character as much as they doubled up on minor parts.’
    • ‘Therefore, users must rely on site developers to apply a consistent logic in their linking practices in order to create effective mental models.’
    • ‘Like the linking verb in a sentence, it is meant to connect the microcosm of the original film with the celestial stratosphere of the finale.’
    • ‘I'd guess there was some major reasoning between the 3rd paragraph and the conclusion, but as it stands, it doesn't make a lot of sense unless you hypothesise about linking statements.’
    • ‘His linking play with his two French strikers amid a flurry of flicks and feints was a delight to watch.’
    • ‘All that's left is to identify the appropriate words in the Web site copy and to find out if they are the words people actually search for - then develop an appropriate linking strategy.’
    • ‘The linking ratios permit the calculation of these two values for each and every phase in the chain.’
    • ‘He made the following claims, among others, in this order, and in these words (though I omit linking remarks).’
    • ‘The molecule is called a fusion protein because its two active parts are connected, or fused, by a linking section.’
    • ‘You can also tell that portions of the print are missing, as the title cards are held still for several seconds, as if to compensate for a lack of linking footage.’
    • ‘They seemed to flow together, in a linking process which made her sound like she was confident in herself, even though she may not have been.’
    • ‘This linking object unconsciously connects the lost person's image or mental representation with the mourner's corresponding self-image or representation.’
    • ‘It's hard to conceive of a successful blogger of any persuasion who would allow considerations of gender to enter into the linking calculus I have just described.’
    • ‘The only thing we ask is please don't submit just a short linking post or a couple of sentences simply because it was all you posted that week - make it worthwhile for those who may want to check out your blog.’
    • ‘The reader finds himself deprived of linking elements providing continuity of thought in a smooth development from one question to the next.’
    • ‘You can almost feel the charge of linking synaptic bursts as the trio generates a veritable Japanese garden of tinkles, clicks, rolls, and splashes.’
    connecting, linking, joining
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    1. 1.1Phonetics Denoting a consonant that is sounded at a boundary between two words or morphemes where two vowels would otherwise be adjacent, as in law(r) and order.
      See also liaison
      • ‘It is as if the linking z provides an onset for the vowel-commencing word.’