Definition of linked list in English:

linked list


  • An ordered set of data elements, each containing a link to its successor (and sometimes its predecessor).

    • ‘The join and leave code is similar to the code for inserting and removing elements from a normal linked list, with the added requirement of migrating data between the joining/leaving nodes and their neighbors.’
    • ‘So far I'm about 95% complete but there's just one thing that is stumping me: how to remove duplicates from a multidimensional array using a linked list in PERL.’
    • ‘Perhaps an internal linked list is processed in the wrong order?’
    • ‘To avoid copying of data from network port buffers to the cache memory, the cache blocks of the cache memory are organized as linked lists of list elements, which can be used as network port input or output buffers.’
    • ‘The plugins return the metadata using a simple linked list.’