Definition of lineside in English:



  • The area adjacent to a railway track.

    • ‘It records that the lineside across much of the network is ‘currently disfigured not only by general litter and waste but by detritus of specific railway origin’.’
    • ‘All material is moved on wheeled carts in the plant (there are no forklifts) and there was a minimum of it lineside during our tour.’
    • ‘Since he and his team took over in January 2000, lineside inventory - previously as large as three days worth of parts - has been dramatically reduced, and just-in-time deliveries have become the order of the day.’
    • ‘Photographers flock to lineside vantage points to catch a steam hauled main line special.’
    • ‘Wensleydale Railway's safety director, Mark Flather, said: ‘Trespassing on the line and adjacent lineside will be dealt with severely.’’
    • ‘He died in 1962, and his ashes are in a small plinth by the lineside at the north end of the Khun Tal Tunnel.’
    • ‘He then became operations manager for the York-based Eve Rail, part of the Eve Group, a lineside commercial engineering and cable installation operation.’
    • ‘At certain times of the year, such as during the spring when hedgerow birds are breeding, we will not even disturb lineside vegetation.’
    • ‘A full return ticket is valid for travel all day and stations, tracks and lineside are kept tidy so there is nothing to spoil the enjoyment of the journey.’
    • ‘It has developed a synchronous material flow to its four trim lines, which calls for parts to be in one of two places: lineside or in an on-site storage and retrieval area dubbed the ‘marketplace.’’
    • ‘Track structure and current collecting equipment have been improved, extensive lineside sound barriers have been developed and installed, vehicle weight has been reduced and rail and wheel tread cutting methods have been improved.’
    • ‘After the first National Railway Crime Week last year, there was a 16 per cent reduction in lineside offences on the network during 2002 and 2003.’
    • ‘‘The major issue is that of proving the trains do not interfere with lineside signalling and other electrical equipment,’ she said.’
    • ‘What tourists visiting the town by rail must think of the masses of lineside litter can only be imagined.’
    • ‘If they tilt they require lineside controllers to tell them when to tilt.’
    • ‘To which I suppose the response is: why don't they cut down the lineside foliage, make the trains heavier or go back to whatever they had before disc-brakes?’
    • ‘Adjustable platforms were installed lineside that can be raised or lowered using under-floor hydraulics.’
    • ‘Co-ordinated in three areas, route crime will focus on all lineside offences, which up until now have been called trespass and vandalism.’
    • ‘Railtrack and British Transport Police have stepped up patrols near linesides ahead of the Easter school holidays.’
    • ‘This incident follows a spate of vandalism to lineside equipment and threats to volunteers working on the line. The K & WVR is hoping that the reward money will encourage people to co-operate with police.’