Definition of linear programming in English:

linear programming


mass noun
  • A mathematical technique for maximizing or minimizing a linear function of several variables, such as output or cost.

    • ‘Operations research methods such as linear programming were used to achieve this, and these were quickly copied by airlines and automobile producers, who also faced complicated scheduling problems.’
    • ‘The ‘decision-making sciences’ such as linear programming and operations research were developed during World War II to solve the logistical problems associated with supplying overseas troops in different theaters of operation.’
    • ‘During this troubled period Hua developed, with Wang Yuan, a broad interest in linear programming, operations research, and multidimensional numerical integration.’
    • ‘Problems involving the allocation of targets to offensive air weapons use a linear programming method.’
    • ‘Both linear programming and power series were themes which ran through Motzkin's research throughout his life but he was an extremely broad mathematician and there were many other themes.’