Definition of linear motor in English:

linear motor


  • An electric induction motor which produces straight-line motion (as opposed to rotary motion) by means of a linear stator and rotor placed in parallel.

    • ‘Unlike conventional trains, there is no friction between the wheels and the rails, and linear motors soundlessly propel the train forward allowing it to accelerate to very high speeds within a few seconds.’
    • ‘The exposed incremental linear encoder from Heidenhain is suitable for production equipment in the automation and electronics industries and for applications on linear motors.’
    • ‘Another impact on price is that the linear motors are larger than that of helical scan, making power issues more costly.’
    • ‘The linear motor along each 37-m section of the 30-km track turns off as the train passes, rendering collisions on the same route virtually impossible, says Robert Budell, Transrapid spokesman.’
    • ‘The company has been promoting its linear motor driven series of machining centers for the past several years.’
    • ‘According to the company, the high-speed linear motor wheelhead follows the eccentric profile and achieves roundness to 2 microns.’
    • ‘The intended application for these devices is as a replacement for small linear motors in various industries, including medical.’
    • ‘However, in September 1996 NASA commissioned Laithwaite to develop a rocket launcher using linear motors.’
    • ‘The linear compressor comprises a hermetic vessel having a compressing mechanism portion and a linear motor therein.’
    • ‘Germany has abandoned plans to build a linear motor system between Berlin and Frankfurt.’
    • ‘The systems offer high speed linear motor technology with contouring speeds up to 1,500 ipm.’
    • ‘The experimental chambers were modified so that the upper fiber holder was attached to a linear motor, which allowed rapid unloading of the fibers with subsequent restretch to the original length.’
    • ‘The counter mass, which floats on air bearings, is attached to a linear motor guide (stator).’
    • ‘The magnetic field of the linear motor is self-contained within the U-channel design.’