Definition of line spectrum in English:

line spectrum


  • 1An emission spectrum consisting of separate isolated lines.

    • ‘(the numbers above each cell line indicate the number of times that cell line spectrum was significantly different in a pair-wise comparison).’
    1. 1.1 An emission (of light, sound, or other radiation) composed of a number of discrete frequencies or energies.
      • ‘To measure the line spectra, researchers shine light over a large range of wavelengths through a very long column of water.’
      • ‘The line spectrum of an atom - even a simple hydrogen atom with only one electron - can be very complex.’
      • ‘The loss of that same finite amount of energy by energetic electrons explains the bright line spectra emitted by glowing gases, such as neon.’
      • ‘According to Bohr, transition between energy levels explained the line spectrum: when an electron dropped to a lower energy level, the lost energy was emitted in the form of a photon, or particle of light.’
      • ‘This task is complicated by the multitude of chemical compounds in the interstellar medium and the elemental line spectra in the originating star light.’