Definition of line one's pocket in English:

line one's pocket


  • Make money, especially by dishonest means:

    ‘he had lined his pockets with office and campaign funds’
    • ‘He is as guilty as other DJ's of using his privileged position to promote acts that will line his pocket.’
    • ‘Should a cop convicted of abusing his post, failing to protect those who he is sworn to protect, and lining his pocket with money stolen while on the job be deserving of a pension?’
    • ‘Swear to God, and bet on it - he is somehow lining his pocket over this deal.’
    • ‘If he cares more about your training than lining his pocket, then in my opinion that's a sign of a good teacher.’
    • ‘No, he's lining his pocket with contributions from commercial logging interests.’
    • ‘Elliot can afford to look the other way because he is lining his pocket every time someone is cheated.’
    • ‘The Strokes understand this, and it's very refreshing that there is a band out there not interested in lining their pocket but instead just releasing good music.’
    • ‘Examples such as these undermine the confidence of the public in these public/private arrangements and make them suspicious that someone is lining his pocket at the expense of taxpayers.’
    • ‘He would not give me a pay rise despite the audiences flocking to see me and lining his pocket.’
    • ‘I want to provide a public service, not line the pockets of shareholders.’
    make money
    accept bribes
    embezzle money, siphon off money
    feather one's nest, graft, be on the make, be on the take
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