Definition of line fishing in English:

line fishing


mass noun
  • The activity or practice of fishing using a line or lines, as opposed to a net.

    ‘line fishing is very popular along Maremma's coastline’
    as modifier ‘a commercial line fishing boat might have a crew of four men’
    • ‘Local financial institutions are generally reluctant to provide financial assistance to line fishing companies.’
    • ‘They fished for lobsters at first, then changed to long line fishing, using long lines with a hook every 6 feet.’
    • ‘Spring fish are particularly vulnerable to rod and line fishing.’
    • ‘For example, line fishing is specified in preference to trawling for cod and haddock.’
    • ‘"If you don't stop line fishing the leatherbacks will be extinct by the time I am in middle school," the 7-year-old said.’