Definition of line-in in English:



  • An input socket in an electrical device.

    • ‘It's a shame that this rear slot bracket doesn't include additional analog outputs for 5.1 audio - to get analog 5.1, you have to use a utility to repurpose the microphone and line-in jacks.’
    • ‘Useful features include a built-in microphone and line-in port for direct recording from external sources and a basic remote control.’
    • ‘I ran a cable from the Audigy's line-out 1 port to my pre-amp's auxiliary line-in.’
    • ‘You can try disabling/muting everything you aren't using. such as microphone, and line-in.’
    • ‘I am particularly keen to know how it is able to discern how the unit's analogue audio output is not connected to any kind of recording apparatus - such as a tape recorder, or the line-in connection of a sound card?’
    • ‘It also has a stopwatch for exercise freaks but lacks any line-in or recording ability.’
    • ‘If you don't have one, simply loop a minijack cable between your line-out and line-in and you'll have decent quality audio with no DRM.’
    • ‘In case the BD7 - II user wants to utilize the chip's 6-channel function, the line-in and MIC-in ports have to be reverted to line-out channels to get a signal for the rear and center speakers.’
    • ‘There isn't any external bracket, so for the multi-channel sound, you'll have to use the integrated sound software to configure the line-in and Mic-out to accommodate additional speakers.’
    • ‘I could record analog audio through either a microphone input or line-in jack, and I even could listen to MIDI music files played by the soundchip synth.’
    • ‘The selection of ports for the onboard audio consists of five 3.5mm audio jacks and one has to be reconfigured from line-in to the second set of surrounds for 7.1-channel functionality.’
    • ‘Also included are line-in connections for local sources such as a cable or satellite box or CD / DVD changer.’
    • ‘I often use a Sony MiniDisc Recorder to record Skype calls through line-in from a patch cable linked to the line-out of the laptop.’
    • ‘We tested the line-out / line-in three signal path, and came away impressed with the EX's overall signal quality.’
    • ‘I then used alsamixer to raise the levels of my line-in and all was well.’
    • ‘Next is the line-in which has the six different channels all marked clearly, from left to subwoofer, using standard RCA cables.’
    • ‘Yes it's easier to put up at first, sometime its hard to get the mic and line-in plugs directly on the board but in the long run, that can be annoying.’
    • ‘You'll also find headphone, microphone, and line-in jacks up front, which is great.’
    • ‘Transferring music from your computer is drag-and-drop easy, and you can record MP3s via a built-in microphone or line-in port.’
    • ‘The line-in even has a sensor to automatically break tracks after a sufficient length of silence.’