Definition of limpet mine in English:

limpet mine


  • A mine designed to be attached magnetically to a ship's hull and set to explode after a certain time.

    • ‘Their sleek build enabled them to sail under large vessels so that frogmen could plant limpet mines on their hulls.’
    • ‘They were primarily used to attach limpet mines to moored ships, bridges, and so on and also for clearing underwater obstacles with plastic explosives.’
    • ‘It was not her first visit to the sea floor: two years earlier, French secret agents set limpet mines against the Warrior's hull to prevent protesters from demonstrating against French nuclear testing in the Pacific.’
    • ‘The strike teams paddled into Singapore Harbor under the darkness on September 26 and placed exploding limpet mines on seven Japanese ships - destroying all of them.’
    • ‘East Rand members of Cosas were given hand grenades and a limpet mine of which timing mechanisms had been reduced to zero seconds.’
    • ‘I remember the day our local hamburger bar was blown up with a limpet mine stuck under one of the tables.’
    • ‘Senior officers say the 21st-Century threat goes far beyond the limpet mines and similar devices ships' divers were expected to cope with four decades ago.’
    • ‘A limpet mine was used to kill them to make it appear like a rebel attack on police.’
    • ‘Underwater explosives and limpet mines, among other weapons, are considered as potential threats to merchant and military shipping.’
    • ‘Indeed, the mere suggestion that an owner wanting to perpetrate a fraud on insurers would do so by arranging for the vessel to be blown up at its mooring by means of limpet mines is completely unconvincing.’
    • ‘The intention in planting the Russian-made limpet mine had been to destroy the hall used by the league and to send a clear message to activists.’
    • ‘Using canoes they penetrated the enemy's shipping lines in the approaches to Singapore and placed limpet mines destroying three vessels.’
    • ‘At the time he was working at the office as a government employee and this made it easy for him to plant a limpet mine there.’
    • ‘I had an aunt in Vietnam who planted limpet mines in Haiphong harbor.’
    • ‘The crew of both remaining cockleshells placed limpet mines on the merchant ships they found in the harbour.’
    • ‘For underwater sabotage missions, each diver can carry a limpet mine to attach to the hull of enemy watercraft or docks.’
    • ‘What has never been established is whether X5 had accomplished her mission and fixed limpet mines to Tirpitz's hull.’
    • ‘It made less than three knots but carried a warhead of 200 kg of explosive and a number of limpet mines.’
    • ‘When they learned that the Warrior would protest France's upcoming nuclear test at Muroroa Atoll, they planted two limpet mines on the ship in the dead of night, right in the harbour.’
    • ‘The car's 250 kilograms of plastic explosives, with a powerful limpet mine attached as a detonator, was defused, Smith said.’


limpet mine