Definition of limited company in English:

limited company

(also limited liability company)


  • A private company whose owners are legally responsible for its debts only to the extent of the amount of capital they invested.

    • ‘Public limited companies and large private companies will also require an audit committee, comprising two members of the board, neither of whom can be a chairman or a recent employee of the company.’
    • ‘The campaign aims to make Harrogate's owner-managed businesses, which include private limited companies, partnerships and self-employed enterprises, more successful and enjoyable to run.’
    • ‘The Corps is partnering with private companies, usually limited liability companies, to build more and better housing for the same money.’
    • ‘It would be usual for such a firm to be a private limited company.’
    • ‘From 1983 the business was carried on by a limited company called Mushroom Books Ltd.’
    • ‘Under the 1954 Solicitors Act, a limited company (or its directors or employees) may not imply that it is qualified to act as a solicitor.’
    • ‘That is the date of the third birthday of their private limited company whose mission in life is to lure new investment and jobs into the city.’
    • ‘Even small firms were owned through private limited liability companies rather than directly.’
    • ‘The applicant is a limited company carrying on the business of motor insurance broker.’
    • ‘Most members realised the sense of the proposal to convert their private club into a limited company.’
    • ‘The respondents are a private limited company engaged in the development and operation of petrol service stations.’
    • ‘Unless the business is formed as a corporation or a limited liability company, it will be a sole-proprietorship by default.’
    • ‘They claim an indemnity in respect of their liability to the limited company.’
    • ‘Most of the companies in this top 50 list savour the privacy afforded by being a private limited company.’
    • ‘Sutherland recently had to overcome objections before returning the club to a private limited company to finance the ground reconstruction.’
    • ‘The table below demonstrates this, assuming a limited company with one owner/director, taking a minimum salary and distributing the remaining profits fully as a dividend.’
    • ‘As directors of the limited company they cannot be held responsible for the company's debts.’
    • ‘In Britain, by 1890 professional auditors had replaced shareholders and directors of limited liability companies as financial auditors.’
    • ‘This bill restructures the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra from a limited liability company, financially responsible for itself, to a non-company Crown entity.’
    • ‘The most recent accounts for the top 50 limited companies show that their shareholders' funds were worth €2.98 billion.’


limited company