Definition of limestone pavement in English:

limestone pavement


  • A horizontal or gently sloping expanse of bare limestone, consisting of large blocks (clints) separated by deep eroded fissures (grikes).

    • ‘No ashes or charcoal were found in association with the limestone pavement, nor were the bones burned.’
    • ‘The aim is to protect and maintain the unique and fragile environment of the important limestone pavements that are exclusive to the Dales region to prevent them being over-grazed by sheep.’
    • ‘For those whose memories of geography lessons begin and end with vague notions about ox-bow lakes and limestone pavements, this may be hard to believe.’
    • ‘The Countryside Agency, English Nature and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority's ecologist have also expressed concerns about the impact on wildlife habitat and the limestone pavement.’
    • ‘The Burren is the largest landscape of bare limestone pavement in Europe.’
    • ‘The Project will help to conserve the area's internationally important limestone country with its unique limestone pavement, blue-moor grassland and lime-rich wetlands.’
    • ‘The limestone pavement of the Burren and the Aran Islands is vulnerable to bulldozing/clearance, reclamation and to some extent to other damaging agricultural practices.’
    • ‘A rabbit scampered through a patch of limestone pavement, in and out of the deep fissures and we climbed a bit in a small gully.’
    • ‘The Carron area has many archaeological sites, notably the great stone fort of Cahercammaun, and the limestone pavement is home to an enormous variety of plants, some of them Mediterranean.’
    • ‘It presents a visual panorama like no other, mile upon mile of terraced hillsides clad in limestone pavements.’
    • ‘And the top itself is magic, a flow of fissured limestone pavement with very deep grikes, so the beer cans are out of sight.’
    • ‘Head 15° south of east aiming to pass well to the right of the two thorn trees then continue in this direction over the extensive limestone pavement to a shallow valley.’
    • ‘While up on the limestone pavement looking at the flowers in the cracks, some old guy with his own border collie stared at us from a distance.’
    • ‘Statues, old stone troughs, urns, grain store mushrooms, garden seats, limestone pavements and even complete fountains are all being targeted by organised gangs.’
    • ‘It will go to the Hutton Roof Crags nature reserve, which contains some of the finest limestone pavement in Britain, and also harbours a wealth of rare plants and animals.’
    • ‘Then, still wide but with a level bed of limestone pavement, the blocks hollowed with ages of swirling stones, an acreage of rock that the water flowed through as much as over.’
    • ‘Situated in the magnificent landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Winskill Stones is a 74-acre area of limestone grassland and limestone pavement.’
    • ‘Turn right here off the limestone pavement and follow the stepped path down to the cove itself.’
    • ‘Limestone, especially limestone pavement, is extremely rare worldwide and the Yorkshire Dales have half of all the UK examples.’
    • ‘The bleak landscape is shaped by a series of cliffs, terraces and expanses of limestone pavement, with little else to punctuate the view.’