Definition of limbus in English:



  • The border or margin of a structure, especially the junction of the cornea and sclera in the eye.

    • ‘An incision is made in the conjunctiva at the limbus using a #57 ophthalmology blade.’
    • ‘The limbus is the thin area that connects the cornea and the sclera, the white part of the eye.’
    • ‘Under direct microscopic visualization, three tiny incisions (ie, sclerotomies) are made through the sclera a few millimeters behind the limbus.’
    • ‘Unit conducts electrical current through cable that enters eye posterior to limbus and signal relayed by wire relays to epiretinal implant.’
    • ‘The central portion of the bulbar conjunctiva is continuous at the limbus with the anterior epithelium of the cornea.’


Late Middle English (denoting limbo): from Latin, ‘edge, border’. The current sense dates from the late 17th century.