Definition of likewise in English:



  • 1In the same way; also.

    ‘the programmes of study will apply from five years of age, likewise the attainment targets’
    • ‘Major American brands today are owned by Europeans; likewise, Americans own major European icons.’
    • ‘There is little comparison between the life my parents led and that which I pursued and likewise with the life my own daughter has enjoyed.’
    • ‘He heard a soft grunt, looked over and saw Bolke sitting down beside him, likewise using a tree to lean against.’
    • ‘He came from a family of stockbreeders and learned the secrets of good stockmanship from his father Tom, who likewise had it handed down.’
    • ‘Additionally, modifying entry and catch may likewise greatly reduce impingement.’
    • ‘Furthermore, our kids likewise seem to be bonding a little too closely with the television set.’
    • ‘Iran, likewise, has agreed to additional nuclear safeguards.’
    • ‘The faces from the photographs become likewise etched into your mind.’
    • ‘Changes could lead to additional liability, mismanagement of the contract likewise.’
    • ‘Any potential growth in Catholic emancipation will, likewise, now take place in a context where Catholic are inevitably a marginal group.’
    • ‘Religious and cultural services are likewise well represented.’
    • ‘It likewise informs the Prison Service of the age of the children for whom it should provide facilities.’
    • ‘Both of them believe that everyone should have a dream and likewise, everyone should work towards making it happen.’
    • ‘Her husband, likewise, was vetoed because of his alleged lack of loyalty to the current supreme religious leader.’
    • ‘He has developed these attributes with age and maybe some of our younger backs will do likewise.’
    • ‘That list is as impressive as Australia's record on the global sporting stage, but why can't our companies do likewise?’
    • ‘The triangle at the Weighbridge was tended to last week, grass cut, edges trimmed, and likewise it is looking lovely and clean.’
    • ‘With a career likewise increasing in scope, chances are she has begun finally to justify that moniker of ‘rising star’.’
    • ‘Moreover, we ordinary humans cannot likewise petition God for proof to solidify our faith.’
    • ‘The group's policies on banking and education likewise bode harm to the poor - and to urban America.’
    also, in addition, too, as well, by the same token, to boot
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    1. 1.1 Used to introduce a point similar or related to one just made.
      ‘The banks advise against sending cash. Likewise, sending British cheques may cause problems’
      • ‘By lunchtime, she could introduce herself in Polish, and the children could do likewise in German.’
      • ‘Club sides have to keep introducing young players from time to time and likewise, the national team also has to blood new talent.’
      • ‘Then the foxes, introduced in an attempt to eradicate the likewise imported rabbit menace, completed the devastation.’
  • 2In a like manner; similarly.

    ‘I stuck out my tongue and Frankie did likewise’
    • ‘Other photographers did likewise but at a distance as they were on long lenses.’
    • ‘She did likewise, shaking her head shortly in a futile attempt at casting away the saliva that had collected from our brawls.’
    • ‘As each name was called a member of the family brought a lighted candle to the altar and when this was completed members of the congregation did likewise.’
    • ‘Jenann smiled and clapped with them while Mercutio did likewise, just less noticeably.’
    • ‘She entered the classroom and settled herself behind an easel while the other students did likewise.’
    • ‘Murphy along with Breen and Elliott broke the bogey time on the second stage and when it was repeated for the fourth stage, they did likewise.’
    • ‘He also topped the Yorkshire League batting averages during his time at Clifton Park, and did likewise while playing in the Bradford League.’
    • ‘York scored again two minutes after the restart as former Ram Scott Rhodes skipped in, and half-back partner Brough did likewise with ease.’
    • ‘The United Nations updated that to 420, and New Zealand did likewise.’
    • ‘I politely did likewise before returning to my newspaper.’
    • ‘We slowed to make sure stopped drivers were all right, and they did likewise when we had stopped.’
    • ‘When he slowed down, the other car did likewise and the same when he speeded up.’
    • ‘One of my colleagues did likewise, with the other opting instead for a continental salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.’
    • ‘He helped Huddersfield earn promotion to the first division in his first season at the club, and did likewise at Burnley, his next port of call.’
    • ‘The same man did likewise with a well-worked drop goal attempt but Watsonians had weathered the storm and were once again dominated this match.’
    • ‘Sophia sighed at his manners, but took some and did likewise, though with dignity.’
    • ‘The school's juniors won both of their relays and the senior team did likewise, setting new records in both.’
    • ‘Divilly tacked on another point and Hughes did likewise, as Confey edged four points clear after 37 minutes.’
    • ‘The other man did likewise, and put a hand on Seanus' shoulder.’
    • ‘The Arabs, he said, could only win if they did likewise.’
    the same, similarly, correspondingly, in the same way, in like manner, in similar fashion
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Late Middle English: from the phrase in like wise.