Definition of like the devil in English:

like the devil


  • With great speed or energy.

    ‘he drove like the devil’
    • ‘They - you know, they fought like the devil going into the Democratic Convention to try and separate him from the moral issue problem.’
    • ‘They all knew Bo was hard on her brakes, and drove like the devil.’
    • ‘He actually was a chef on a dive boat when he was younger, and dude can cook like the devil - hence the 20 extra pounds that have clung to my backside like Grim Death since the day we started living together.’
    • ‘How Bruno makes it over the wall of the high security prison is never divulged, but he's there at the beginning, running like the devil, with bullets flying around his feet.’
    • ‘What I say is I tried like the devil to take him out.’
    • ‘One does have to work like the devil in order to keep your head above water in this country… or death by drowning is sure to happen with our economic climate.’
    • ‘Tsyzu is smarter, tougher and can wallop like the devil.’
    • ‘What they did is, they fought like the devil, throughout the year 2000, to try to keep this so-called New Economy, or Y2K bubble, alive.’
    • ‘Yes, I know you may not even be able to pronounce it, but we have worked like the devil on this case and all her ulcers healed previously.’
    • ‘They were shelling us like the devil when we landed at Gold Beach all those years ago.’
    strenuously, with great vigour, strongly, powerfully, potently, forcefully, with force, forcibly, energetically, aggressively, heartily, eagerly, with eagerness, enthusiastically, with enthusiasm, with great effort, with all one's might, with might and main, with a will, for dear life, for all one is worth, to the best of one's abilities, as best one can, all out, with a vengeance, fiercely, intensely, hard, as hard as possible, as hard as one can, with all the stops out, like the devil, like the deuce, at full tilt
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