Definition of like the clappers in English:

like the clappers


  • Very fast or very hard.

    ‘she ran off like the clappers’
    • ‘Parents, pupils, governors and staff worked like the clappers throughout the school's centenary year in 2002 to raise money to pay for the refurbishment of the original school calling bell.’
    • ‘It was really good money and we just used to go like the clappers to get the job done as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘The competitive instinct came to the fore, and I caught him, passed him, and then of course had to keep going like the clappers for the next three miles so he didn't pass me again.’
    • ‘All of you, when I say so, lift this on top of the photocopier, and prepare to run like the clappers.’
    • ‘Whether it was the danger or the steep climb, my heart was going like the clappers when I got to the church.’
    • ‘He didn't tell me he was departing, and he was going like the clappers.’
    • ‘The windscreen wipers are going like the clappers, their constant thwack/thwack reminding me of Janet Leigh driving through the torrential rain in Psycho, just before she checks out forever.’
    • ‘Then she'll drive like the clappers and be so charming when she gets there that everyone forgives her.’
    • ‘But there is far more to his game than just running like the clappers.’
    • ‘An hour later, we had picked up speed, and I was still alive, so I thought it was safe to emerge from the sweaty depths of my hiding place, though my heart was still going like the clappers.’
    quickly, fast, swiftly, speedily, at speed, at full speed, at the speed of light, post-haste, hotfoot, at full tilt, as fast as one's legs can carry one, at a gallop, expeditiously, briskly, promptly
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