Definition of like pulling teeth in English:

like pulling teeth


  • Used to convey that something is extremely difficult to do.

    ‘it had been like pulling teeth to extract these two small items from Moore’
    • ‘We did the show in Toronto and it was like pulling teeth to get people to participate.’
    • ‘Before his career took off, pulling girls was like pulling teeth.’
    • ‘It's like pulling teeth to get me to show such emotions.’
    • ‘However, you can make no excuse for the fact that - and the police have said this - that it was like pulling teeth from him.’
    • ‘In my experience, it is like pulling teeth to get emotional detail out of some men, and similarly like panning for gold to get political conversation out of some women.’
    • ‘The next girl was frustrating because she was one of those people you can tell is a really, really cool, but so painfully shy that it feels like pulling teeth to get any words out of them on the first date.’
    • ‘Each revision is like pulling teeth, or like exercise.’
    • ‘Here's something new to be struggling with apart from shorthand (which is still like pulling teeth - two and a bit weeks to go, it's getting down to the wire).’
    • ‘And I have to find a job, which is like pulling teeth for me (the hunting that is, I'd rather work than not work).’
    • ‘Journalists are writing over and over again that this is the most secretive military campaign in history, and that getting information from you and your colleagues is like pulling teeth.’