Definition of like crazy in English:

like crazy


  • 1To a great degree; very intensely.

    ‘we are just working like crazy’
    • ‘The latter are better, but it means that you miss them like crazy.’
    • ‘Colours can be safe, soft and muted, bold and bright or even clash like crazy as long as your wardrobe is new and tailored to your best look and shape.’
    • ‘The forwards spent most of the match running pell-mell into each other and then cheating like crazy at the breakdown.’
    • ‘For some reason, that set them both off once more and they started laughing like crazy.’
    • ‘It's not too funny now but I remember than we had laughed like crazy.’
    • ‘The kids ran around like crazy, fortified only by burnt Bagel Bites and gallons of soda.’
    • ‘They paid a lot of money to get this script, and we worked on it like crazy, it's a beautiful script.’
    • ‘I looked at it instead of studying like crazy for my modern poetry exam.’
    • ‘By this time, alarm bells are buzzing like crazy, and I start to resign myself to the thought that I'm not getting it back.’
    • ‘The guy is bleeding like crazy, but I can't stop until I am sure he's incapacitated.’
    energetically, enthusiastically, madly, with a will, for all one is worth, passionately, intensely, ardently, fervently
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    1. 1.1 In a very fast or unrestrained way.
      ‘another driver, who was driving like crazy, ran him off the road’
      • ‘In either case, his girl is standing there in front of him, moving around like crazy, just being smolderingly sexy.’
      • ‘I stood behind the front door fidgeting like crazy.’
      • ‘By this time, advertisers should be buying like crazy.’
      • ‘My bike leaks oil, vibrates like crazy, no handling.’
      • ‘I had to run around like crazy to find a free pay phone.’
      • ‘May God rain down his blessings in your life like crazy!’
      • ‘Her jaw went slack for a moment, then she started smiling like crazy.’
      • ‘He was very hyperactive, going all over the place, running like crazy.’
      • ‘Everyone started to cheer like crazy, including me!’
      • ‘See I have a problem, on stage, alone, singing… my voice shakes like crazy.’
      fast, furiously, as fast as possible, hurriedly, quickly, rapidly, speedily, hastily
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