Definition of like clockwork in English:

like clockwork


  • 1Very smoothly and easily.

    ‘the event ran like clockwork’
    • ‘That dry run ensured everything on the big day itself ran like clockwork.’
    • ‘The whole thing ran like clockwork, from pre-show to post-show.’
    • ‘The laboratory ran like clockwork and he kept a watchful eye on the welfare of his staff.’
    • ‘You couldn't always expect things to go smoothly like clockwork, but he did.’
    • ‘Everything that he organised was spot-on and ran like clockwork.’
    • ‘A picnic atmosphere prevailed and thankfully everything ran like clockwork, even with a huge entry of over 200 competitors.’
    • ‘Everything ran like clockwork for the Irish fivesome who had to quickly move on to launches in Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester and London.’
    • ‘Everything was going smoothly - like clockwork.’
    • ‘Each stage ran like clockwork and bands had nothing but nice comments for the entire affair.’
    • ‘With the help of everyone, the day ran like clockwork.’
    without a hitch, like clockwork, with no trouble, without difficulty, easily, effortlessly, as planned, to plan, according to plan, swimmingly, satisfactorily, very well
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    1. 1.1 With mechanical regularity.
      ‘these hens lay like clockwork’
      • ‘But last night the many city residents who nominated the man who has kept Hull's timepieces running like clockwork for 40 years, declared ‘it's about time’.’
      • ‘I am very pleased to have won, the car ran like clockwork.’
      • ‘But at SRC, we've built a system of mechanisms that makes innovation happen like clockwork.’
      • ‘The #3 Audi ran like clockwork throughout the race.’
      • ‘Well, listen, when I dealt with women who were having crack-addicted babies every year like clockwork, I didn't like them particularly.’
      • ‘Like most things Korean, they run like clockwork and like most things, almost no effort is required to use them.’
      • ‘I hadn't seen Matt in a while, but his phone-calls were regular like clockwork, or had been until a week ago.’
      without exception, unfailingly, constantly, regularly, invariably, dependably, conscientiously, reliably, faithfully, predictably, punctually, religiously, whatever happened, always
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