Definition of like a stunned mullet in English:

like a stunned mullet


NZ, Australian
  • Dazed and uncomprehending.

    ‘he sat there like a stunned mullet’
    • ‘The food companies just sit there like stunned mullets as their customers and products are demonized.’
    • ‘You don't want to be left looking like a stunned mullet when he starts talking, while the masses nod knowingly in agreement with him.’
    • ‘They walk into Parliament like stunned mullets.’
    • ‘He sat there like a stunned mullet when I asked him whether he believed the speech.’
    • ‘The actor is once again faintly awful, most of the time acting like a stunned mullet instead of exhibiting any real emotion.’
    • ‘I am trapped helplessly in the middle like a stunned mullet.’
    • ‘The blogs are like stunned mullets over why no one is taking much notice of him and his book.’
    • ‘I sat like a stunned mullet trying to absorb that this entire event to raise money is centred on the celebration of my life.’
    • ‘They all sit there like stunned mullets, saying they really do not know what to do with this bill.’
    • ‘He looked like a stunned mullet on the stage when the balloons came down.’