Definition of like a scalded cat in English:

like a scalded cat


  • Very quickly.

    ‘he took off like a scalded cat’
    • ‘When we first turned up for service of the documents in Perth, he ran away like a scalded cat.’
    • ‘He walked stiffly towards it with his head thrust forward and the cat scarpered like a - well, like a scalded cat.’
    • ‘If something creepy appeared on the television he would get to his feet and politely leave, taking to his heels like a scalded cat.’
    • ‘He took one look at me - half naked, 20 stone, 6ft 5ins inches tall and mad as hell - and took off down the road like a scalded cat, yelling abuse.’
    • ‘Able to trickle in perfect silence though the streets on electric power alone, it can scoot away from traffic lights like a scalded cat if you so desire, leaving other drivers scratching their heads.’
    • ‘If he Kashim was getting that kind of a look from those eyes, he'd be so frightened that he'd scream like a little girl and take off like a scalded cat.’