Definition of ligulate in English:



  • 1Strap-shaped, as in the ray florets of plants of the daisy family.

    • ‘The highest relative concentration of isobutylamide in all species was in seed coats followed by roots; it was not found in ligulate florets and endosperm.’
    • ‘In ligulate heads all the florets are ligulate and 5-lobed and usually they are all bisexual.’
    • ‘They were heterosporous and bore ligulate leaves.’
    • ‘The ligulate leaves and strongly revolute leaf margins are distinguishing features of Meesia uliginosa.’
    • ‘Leaves are alternate, distichously arranged, and ligulate at the juncture of sheath and blade, with the sheath being persistent after the blade has been shed.’
    1. 1.1 (of a plant) having ray florets or ligules.
      • ‘The flowers of the outer whorl of the head (ray or ligulate flowers) generally have five elongated petals united to form straplike structures and are restricted to the periphery of the radiate head.’